Analysis of Main Products of Artificial Leather

- Sep 19, 2017 -

(1) upper leather leather requirements are the focus of appearance, mechanical properties and health performance indicators. Natural leather is a good shoe material, is the first choice for daily uppers. In addition to the poor performance of ultra-fiber, the rest can be comparable with natural leather, and therefore is a better shoe material, which is in the sports shoes, casual shoes, military shoes, labor insurance shoes, such as the use of strong, Harsh area. Artificial leather as a mid-range natural leather body supplies, but also more durable, but also many of the materials used in footwear

  (2) clothing leather (see below) clothing material first value is the appearance and touch, followed by the need to have a certain degree of robustness and health performance. Natural leather to meet the appearance, feel, touch and physical properties, the performance is better. Ultra-fiber leather feel soft, also belong to the excellent performance of high-grade clothing leather. Artificial leather because of its soft feel and beautiful appearance, but also a lot of clothing as leather materials, the drawback is the strength, stretching and elastic performance is relatively poor

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