Artificial leather price factor of the base fabric processing technology

- Sep 19, 2017 -

(1) single coating method is usually woven, wool, non-woven (pretreatment) as the base, the surface coating of polyurethane solution, by coagulation, washing, drying made. Single-coated base fabric is usually carried out by dry veneer or coated after the formation of finished products, physical and mechanical properties are not demanding, finished leather is mainly used for women's shoes, light shoes, purses, wallet and so on.

(2) dipping method is usually non-woven fabric as the base, in the fiber void saturated impregnated PU liquid, by coagulation, washing, reduction (super fiber), drying. The impregnation method is based on the dendritic network structure, and the three-dimensional cross-linked structure of the non-woven fabric is supported. The microporous PU forms the whole network structure in the fiber gap. The base fabric is usually subjected to dry veneer forming products. After impregnation, the ultra-fibrous base fabric can also be formed by dermabrasion, dyeing and finishing. Dipping method is widely used in all kinds of artificial leather production of basic technology, impregnated base cloth physical and chemical properties, mainly for sports shoes, furniture, clothing, sporting goods and so on.

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