Fur market cold change

- Sep 19, 2017 -

Since November 20, 2014 opening of the Beijing International first fur exhibition has continued until February 28 this year ended. February 26, two days from the closing of the fur exhibition, the reporter saw at the show, to the exhibition to buy fur for middle-aged customers, and see more people to buy less people. Although the audience fur to 1.5 to 3 fold low price big promotion, but in addition to cheap leather, leather gloves have more consumers to buy, the expensive fur but few people interested. Fur market cold in Beijing International first fur exhibition has also been confirmed.

Reporters at the show site to see, the show several brands on display products. The original price of these products was extremely outrageous. Fur coat easily more than ten million, such as a 70 cm long mink coat, the original price marked 10.68 million a, now hit 1.5 fold, after discounting more than 16,000 yuan a. In the long women's single leather fold after the price of 2600 yuan per piece, in the long women's cotton leather clothing discount price of 3100 yuan per piece. This price is more expensive than some department store promotions. And the exhibition shopping environment was not as good as department stores. And online shopping channels compared to the price is too high outrageous. Reporters in the Jingdong and Taobao see, in the long women's domestic mink coat, more than three or four thousand dollars, imports of mink coat more than six seven yuan a, lower than the exhibition price is nearly doubled.

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