Protection of animal artificial leather will become a new trend of fur

- Sep 19, 2017 -

Every winter, are the fur business season, such as the rainbow dazzling fur, let people love. As everyone knows, behind the dazzling, but to hide this killing and pain. It is understood that fur mainly from animal fur, sheepskin, rabbit skin, calf skin and horse skin and so on. In addition, there are water mink, fox skin, purple mink, weasel skin, badger, seals, tiger, leopard skin, these animals, there are some endangered animals. Human demand for fur, the animal's wanton hunting, resulting in a lot of treasure animals are endangered.

In November 2014, at the Beijing International Fur Exhibition, several animal protectionists came to the Beijing Exhibition Hall fur show hall protest, a male animal protection in the exhibition hall just took off his coat, revealing "your mother has fur coat My mother was gone. At the same time, many people went to the Beijing Exhibition Hall, the fur exhibition to protest. The news for a time to become the big headlines Tencent, but also let people pay more attention to animal fur.

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