PVC artificial leather production process - the fabric processing process

- Sep 19, 2017 -

The processing of the base fabric is located in the middle part of the artificial leather production line of the mosaic pattern leather. It is mainly used to impregnate or coat the nonwoven fabric with the immersion liquid and the coating liquid. The process is controlled by the process conditions to cure the PU and produce a special microporous structure Of the substrate layer or two-layer structure.

Single coating method is mainly used in the production of artificial leather, this paragraph focuses on non-woven fabric and polyurethane impregnation and impregnation coating process. The main process is usually divided into two parts: dipping (or coating); solidification and washing.

(1) impregnated (or coated) PU resin, DMF and additives in proportion to the deployment, as required to adjust the viscosity of the slurry, solid content to the specified value. The preparation material into the immersion tank, non-woven fabric into the multi-channel roll forced impregnation, PU resin solution to fully penetrate into the non-woven fabric gap. The coated product is coated with the coating solution evenly on the surface of the impregnated substrate by means of a doctor blade or a roll coating or the like.

(2) solidification and washing impregnated cloth into the pre-coagulation tank for the initial DMF-water exchange, the outer layer of PU solidification, and then into the main solidification tank, through the pressure roller repeated extrusion, so that the internal DMF full diffusion, the overall The PU is fully cured. After the solidification is complete, there is still a certain amount of DMF remaining in the cell layer, and the base fabric needs to be repeatedly squeezed in the warm water washing tank to remove the residual DMF.

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