The Inheritance and Development of Traditional Tanning Process

- Sep 19, 2017 -

Plywood, awl, hammer, blade, sissy feet, horns knife scraping, tool kits, leather gloves, which 8 things constitute a beam of leather craftsmen leather tools. Zhang Shao Li said that on these a few tools at that time will be able to make shoes, leather boots, leather bell, leather pocket, suitcase, leather belt bag, leather vest and other leather products.

"Craftsmanship of the beam river cobbler, according to the characteristics of the guests will be modified leather products to improve the user's comfort," Beam River Tea Horse Museum Museum director Bai Zhiyuan said. A pair of shoes and a piece of clothing by the composition of many pieces, beam river cobbler cut the general use of the template technology, these templates are carrying a few generations of cobbler years of practice summed up the experience.

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