How To Distinguish Leatherwear?

- Aug 27, 2018 -

A handbag is no longer a bag in the general sense. It is a symbol of character, occupation, status, status and taste. Fine handbags are more popular than fashion. This requires the choice to grasp the fashion trend, a carefully chosen handbag has the finishing touch, it can decorate you into a real elegant fashion tastes of women. It can also reflect a person's status, status, economic status and character. For leather goods, how to distinguish the real leather?

Hand touch

That is to say, if you touch the leather surface with your hands, the feeling of smoothness, softness, fullness and elasticity is the leather, while the general synthetic leather surface is astringent, rigid and soft. Press the leather surface with the finger, there is no obvious pore wrinkles, such as wrinkles after pressing, will not obviously disappear naturally.

The surface of the leather has clearer pores and patterns, the Yellow Cattle Hide has more symmetrical pores, the Yak Hide has thicker and thinner pores, and the goat hide has scaly pores. Leather surface has pores, which is an important feature of distinguishing genuine and fake leather.

Nasal olfactory

All leather has the smell of leather, and artificial leather has strong odor of plastic.


Tear off a little fiber from the back of leather and synthetic leather, and when it is ignited, it is artificial leather that gives off a pungent smell and knots, and leather that gives off a hair smell and no knots. The corner burns and tastes, but not the odour of hair.

The water absorption of the dermis is better, while the fake leather has better water resistance. You can dip your finger in some water, wipe it on the surface of clothing, observe its water absorption, such as good water absorption, for the dermis, poor water absorption or absorb no water at all, most of them are fake leather.

With the above four basic identification methods, to compare and identify leather, synthetic leather (synthetic leather, synthetic leather refers to different resin raw materials and various processing aids produced by different processing technology with some of the characteristics of natural leather products, also known as artificial leather, imitation leather; at present, artificial leather and combination; There is no clear and unified definition of leather, so some people call it synthetic leather without distinction. The author thinks that the two names are relative to natural leather, for the public, there is no difference between the two names. That's obvious. In addition, synthetic leather has the following characteristics:

1) Press the leather surface with the finger, without obvious pore wrinkles, such as wrinkles after pressing, will not disappear obviously.

2) leather surface has no pores, which is an important feature of distinguishing genuine and fake leather.

3), cut corners burning, smell, but not the smell of hair.

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