Introduction Of Synthetic Leather

- Sep 19, 2017 -

Synthetic leather is a plastic product that simulates the composition and structure of natural leather and can be used as its substitute material. The surface is mainly polyurethane, base material is polyester, cotton, polypropylene and other synthetic fibers made of non-woven fabrics. Its positive and negative are very similar with the leather, and has a certain permeability. It is characterized by beautiful luster, difficult to mold and insects, and is closer to natural leather than ordinary artificial leather.

Synthetic leather variety, a variety of synthetic leather with non-woven base fabric and polyurethane microporous surface layer and other common features, the non-woven fiber varieties and processing technology is different. Synthetic leather surface smooth, through the thickness, color and strength are uniform, in the waterproof, Naisuan Jian, microbial better than natural leather.

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