The 4th International Exhibition Of Bag, Footwear, Leather and Related Industries In Iran

- Dec 11, 2017 -

The 4th International Exhibition Of Bag, Footwear, Leather and Related Industries In Iran


On October 2017 25-28, our honored to attend and participate in the Iran exhibition of leather - "4th International Exhibition Of Bag, Footwear Leather, and Related Industries"


Exhibition introduction: Iran Leather Fair in Iran is the largest, most professional leather, bags, shoe exhibition, held once a year, the fourth exhibition will be held in Iran this year, the fair attracts from neighboring countries in the Middle East leading industry and industry all over the world come to the exhibition, visit and purchase. Iran has become the national unrest surrounding shelter Hong Kong and Iran port trade, products are mainly exported to Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Kuwait. Participating in the exhibition of international manufacturers from Turkey, India, Taiwan, China, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Italy, Germany, Spain, Belgium, the United Arab Emirates and other countries and regions, many exhibitors view up to 30000 people.

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