Introduction Of Artificial Leather

- Sep 19, 2017 -

Artificial leather is also called leather or rubber, PVC and PU and other man-made materials in general. It is in the textile cloth base or non-woven base

, From a variety of different formulations of PVC and PU and other foam or film processing made from, according to different strength, wear resistance, cold and color, gloss, pattern and other requirements made of processing, with a wide variety of color , Good waterproof performance, side tiles neat, high utilization rate and the price of leather is relatively cheap.

Artificial leather is a very popular class of materials, is widely used to make a variety of leather products, or alternative parts of the leather material. It is increasingly advanced production process, is being processed by the second layer of leather widely used. Today, very similar to the leather characteristics of the artificial leather has been available to market, its surface technology is extremely basic fiber structure, almost to the effect of leather, the price and the price of domestic first layer of skin comparable.

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