Tattoo Leather 丨 Artificial Leather Sheet Skin Operation

- Sep 18, 2017 -

The tattoo operation in the production process of the tattoo artifacts can be divided into the following three steps.

(1) Preparation of the skin before the skin before the first to confirm the basis of cloth, and its thickness measurement. Check whether the various parts of the skin machine is normal, the safety device can be reliable. Adjust the skin machine to start the drive system with a knife. Start grinding wheel, blade sharp after the test piece can be carried out.

(2) try to take a small piece of cloth in the film machine parts of the test piece to see whether the thickness of the skin to meet the requirements. According to the situation of the test piece to adjust the device after repeated test, until the thickness and uniformity to meet the process requirements. And then enter the official skin operation.

(3) the skin of the base fabric and the guide fabric to reach the skin before the machine to reduce the speed, slowly through the joints, the lower frame began to peel the skin. The upper layer of the sheet is connected to the stocker through the guide cloth, and the lower part is manually drawn to the roll. The thickness should be corrected immediately after the skin is carried out. The overall thickness correction in the transverse direction is adjusted by the manual upper frame lift motor shaft. The thickness correction of the operation side and the drive side is adjusted by turning the lift handle. Cut the three knives on the base fabric after the skin, and measure the thickness of the base fabric with a thickness gauge. If the thickness is not more than the specified range, fine-tuning.

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