The Dilemma Of The Leather Industry Because We Are Accustomed To Extensive Development

- Sep 19, 2017 -

Today the editor most want to talk to you is the industry now in the dilemma, but also the industry's critical period. Because the leather industry is a very low entry threshold of the industry, in the glory of the leather, a lot into the rush into the rush, leading to the future of the industry price vicious competition, product quality cut corners, arrears serious. the editor contact with the most leather bags, these cases in the luggage leather industry interpretation of the dripping delicate. And the most the editor feel sigh is that many industry players, although engaged in the leather industry for many years, for their innovation is constantly out of the different patterns, but rarely from the technical aspects of the industry to innovation and development. the editor is currently confused the problem is a lot of industry knowledge without a system of books or websites can go to learn, and now I just understand the fur haha.

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