The History Of Leather Development

- Sep 19, 2017 -

The leather industry covers the main industries such as leather, shoe, leather, leather, fur and its products, as well as leather chemicals, leather hardware, leather machinery, accessories and other supporting industries. Upstream and downstream high degree of correlation, relying on the market pull, product evergreen, set foreign exchange, enriching the people, employment as one of the characteristics.

China's leather industry, through the adjustment and optimization of the structure, has been initially formed in the country a number of specialized division of labor is clear, highlight the characteristics of the local economy plays a pivotal role in the production of leather regional and professional market. Their formation, laid the foundation for the development of China's leather industry.

In an increasingly competitive market environment, the Chinese leather industry can achieve such a result is not easy, but also proved that China's leather industry vitality of the strong and powerful. Leather and its products market potential is great, the global demand for leather about 100 million square meters, equivalent to 300 million leather (standard leather) production, China's leather production equivalent to nearly 70 million standard skin, accounting for Global leather production of 23.33%. However, China's leather shoe and its related industries should also be seen, the 21st century, we have in many areas there are shortcomings, although China is the world's leather production power, but not a leather power, in terms of quality, value In a weak position, need to be in this market environment to be honed and improved.

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