The Leather Is Made By Way Of Making

- Sep 19, 2017 -

Leather" in the leather products market is a common word, is the difference between synthetic leather and natural leather, a habit called. In the consumer's mind, "leather" also has a non-fake meaning. Animal leather is a natural leather, that is, we often say that the leather. It is made of animal (raw hides) by leather factory tanning process, made of various characteristics, strength, feel, color, pattern leather materials, modern leather products are essential materials.

Dermal animal leather processing process is very complex, made of finished leather need to go through dozens of processes: raw skin ---- immersion ---- to flesh ---- degreasing ---- hair removal ---- immersion - - expansion ---- desalination ---- softening ---- pickling ---- tanning ---- ---- ---- ---- taper ---- tanning ---- neutralization - --- dyeing ---- refueling ----- filling ----- dry ---- finishing ---- finishing ---- finished leather. Its type is also very much, according to the material is generally common in sheep leather, leather, horse leather, snake leather, pig leather crocodile leather, according to performance can be divided into two layers of leather, whole leather, suede, Leather, leather, leather, leather, leather, and so on.

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