The Reasons We Like Annually Attend The Turkey’s Exhibition

- Dec 11, 2017 -


Ø Turkey international leather, shoe materials and mechanical equipment exhibition, began in 1987, the annual 2, respectively in summer and winter held. The exhibition is one of the most influential international professional exhibition of Eurasia, Turkey is the most authoritative exhibition in Istanbul. As the first big city across Europe and Asia, is the country's economy and Trade Center, has a population of 12 million 800 thousand, the world's sixth largest city, is the largest city in Europe and the second metropolitan area, is also the world's only across the two continents of the metropolis, the world famous export port. Turkey as Russia, transfer hub between Central Asia and Europe, is becoming increasingly important, the the exhibition is the product sold to Turkey, Russian Federation, the Middle East, North Africa and other places, and to Turkey as the preferred exhibition channels are sold in Europe. 


Ø Every exhibition 400 exhibitors left Right, about more than 20 thousand square meters, about 135 foreign exhibitors, exhibitors area of more than 500 square meters. China exhibitors were from Italy, the United States, Germany, Spain, Syria, Finland, France, Britain, Iran, Holland, Romania, Slovakia, Israel, Portugal, Turkey, China exhibition and other 17 countries. Attract from Italy, Greece, Jordan, the United States, Morocco, Poland, Ukraine, more than 23000 professional buyers in Dubai and other 28 countries and regions to visit and purchase. 


Ø Turkey's leather industry has more than 500 years of history, is one of the world leather industry in developed countries. Turkey leather producers mainly concentrated in Istanbul (Istanbul). Izmir (Izmir) and other regions. Turkey has become the main production base of many countries in Europe and the brand, you can see the latest popular style in Europe, advanced processing technology, Consumer trends in the market. Turkey shoe production capacity after Italy and Spain accounted for third of the European market position, mainly exported to Russia, the Middle East, North Africa and other countries. Turkey is becoming like France, Italy as a world fashion center. The EU is the largest market for Turkey clothing exports, Turkey is also the main purpose of the best export performance Turkey. The leather and shoe-making machinery and chemical products such as 60-70% dependence on foreign imports, so the shoe-making raw materials and machinery demand.

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