What Is The Leather Shoe Leather?

- Aug 24, 2018 -

Leather upper leather generally has cowhide (first layer, two or three layers, suede), sheepskin (first layer, two layers, suede), pigskin (first layer, two layers, suede), as well as horse skin, snake skin and so on.

The cowhide is also divided into yellow cattle skin and buffalo hide, and sheep skin is divided into goat skin and sheep skin. According to its hierarchy, there are two layers and three storeys.

Fur leather is divided into Fox fur, goat fur, rabbit fur fur, mink fur, etc. Foxes are divided into blue fox, silver fox and red fox; goats are divided into adult goats and immature goats; rabbit hair is divided into grass yellow rabbit, Rex rabbit, white fur rabbit, etc. Mink is divided into male mink and female mink. There are many kinds of leather and leather. It is not listed here.

The smooth leather in leather is used in many leather products because of its good tensile strength, dirt resistance, wear resistance and good air permeability.

The suede leather is not only elegant and generous in appearance, but also has good air permeability, but it is easy to be dirty and difficult to maintain. Especially in bad environment, the suede shoes are easy to inhale dust, and the fluff will lodge when meeting with water.

There is a kind of leather called modified leather, modified leather is made by finishing on the leather surface, and it can be pressed on different lines, some of the coated leather is thick, wear resistance and poor air permeability.

There are many kinds of genuine leather shoes, and most of them are imitation animal skin. Usually there are snake lines, leopard print, zebra stripes and so on. The development of real leather shoes in Dongguan is very good.

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